Up until now, Star Wars Kinect did not include a lightsaber, and this makes sense, as the Kinect mantra of ‘you are the controller’ implies that nothing else is required besides your body to play Kinect games.

However, Michael just tipped us that Amazon listed a Kinect Lichtschwert in Germany, something loosely translated as: KINECT LIGHTSABER. Unfortunately, the listing does not include an image at this point. There is a description though…

Kinect Star Wars Compatible

PromediaMax also lists the lightsaber and has the following description:

KINECT-kompatibel, passend zum kommenden Microsoft KINECT Star Wars-Spiel, mit Lichteffekten, Batterien nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten

Again, loosely translated means something like:

KINECT-compatible, works with Microsoft’s Kinect Star Wars, includes light effects, batteries not included.

The lightsaber, produced by PB Project is probably not required for Kinect Star Wars and may not even be officially supported. However, it may immerse you and I just a bit more when holding this lightsaber in our hands when taking down those storm troopers. Any thoughts on this?

Amazon tells us that the lightsaber is available in Germany from the 17th of November, 2011.

Thanks to 123KINECT visitor Michael for submitting this news!