Frontier Developments, the people behind the very successful Kinectimals, have just tweeted that they have a roller coaster game in the works (see image below), and that it won’t carry their RollerCoaster Tycoon name. Now this might be a bit far-fetched, but I think this game might actually work as a Kinect enabled title!

There is no confirmation that this roller coaster game will be Kinect enabled, nor are there any rumors about it (besides someone mentioning it on NeoGaf without other referenes), but the whole roller coaster thing just got my thinking, and well, I think it will work as a Kinect title!

Could this roller coaster title be a Kinect one?

A roller coaster game as Kinect title?

So why would a roller coaster game work well as a Kinect title? Well first of all it would allow for a very fluid and natural creation of actual roller coasters. I played RollerCoaster Tycoon and although the creation of the roller coasters is easy, it’s not an extremely intuitive process. Kinect sees depth, so I could imagine just like drawing a roller coaster in the air with my finger and the Kinect sensor would be able to translate this into a 3D path along which the roller coaster game could draw an actual roller coaster. How could would that be!

Next to being able to quickly and intuitively create the cooling looking roller coasters you would also be able to experience them in a more realistic way. Think about head tracking (that is also implemented in Forza 4), you would be able to sit in your own roller coaster and look around you by moving your head, making it extremely realistic!

As a third I think it could be very easy to navigate 3D space by using Kinect (we’ve seen this in this hack already) so navigating the 3D world of this roller coaster game would be easy and also intuitive. Come to think of this now, the game could very well be completely controlled by Kinect, without a controller!

I think it could work, if Frontier Developments thinks the same…I have no idea, but it would definitely be cool!

So what do you think, am I being completely ridiculous for thinking this? Or might this actually be possible? Let me know in the comments!