In our own roundup of the top 5 Kinect games of 2010 we asked the community to come up with their own list of favourite Kinect games. We combined these results with the ones from this forum thread and came up with the top 5 Kinect games by the 123Kinect community. Read on for the results.

Top 5 Kinect games by the 123kinect community

The results are in, and although we didn’t get that many responses from people we were still able to create a nice list of games! These top 5 Kinect games are not even that much off from our own list of top Kinect games! Here are the results, as chosen by the 123kinect community:

PosKinect Game
1Kinect Sports
[order details] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
2Dance Central
[order details] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
3Kinect Adventures
[order details] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
[order details] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]
5Kinect Joyride
[order details] [news] [trailer] [gameplay] [screenshots] [preview] [review] [achievements]

The top 5 list by the community is fairly similar to our own, I was just surprised that Your Shape Fitness Evolved is not in there. Maybe that game just appeals to the 123Kinect crew since we have gym memberships (well 2 of the 3 have one).

Anyway, did you guys expect it to turn out kinda like this? Would you maybe pick other games now that you have played them some more? Let us know!