Many people have been saying for a while that Kinect is not complete without some sort of physical controller that you can hold. But this is actually changing! Maybe not in a way people would have expected, but Kinect is getting an actual controller! In the form of Windows Phone 7 (Microsoft’s latest smartphone operating system).

So what does this mean? Well you mind think that the main player will be using it as a controller but the first video about this whole Windows Phone 7 concept shows otherwise. Check it out after the jump!

Windows Phone 7 controls Kinect

So, Windows Phone 7 can make a connection to your Xbox and act as additional input to Kinect. This means that the player could be both using his body as input (the traditional Kinect way) and use the phone at the same time as means of button input! But Microsoft takes it even further in their first demo of this technology, they use it to create a unique multiplayer experience! Check it out below.

The whole thing reminds me a bit of the excellent Geometry Wars multiplayer on the DS, where one player could fly the spaceship, and the other player could spawn enemies all over the screen. This was an extremely enjoyable way of playing multiplayer and I am very excited that Kinect is getting this too now!

It has been confirmed that above video is actually a real demo (so not some concept thing) so we can expect to play Kinect Adventure with Windows Phone 7 in the near future.

The only drawback to me… I don’t have a Windows Phone 7 🙁 But I’m seriously considering getting one after seeing this technology. What about you guys? Is this cool enough to migrate from iPhone/Android/Blackberry to Windows Phone 7? Let me know in the comments!