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Windows Kinect

winKinect Windows Kinect

Windows can be navigated with Kinect!

Kinect is so much more than a gaming device (as we all know from its Xbox dashboard navigation ability), and this is reenforced even more by the videos below, in which you can see Kinect as a human interface device for Windows! That’s right, Kinect also works as a navigation tool in software that was not specifically designed for Kinect. Check out these next videos for a glimps of how computing might look in the future.

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id Software’s Carmack wants to make a Kinect game!

GP id software 590x150 id Softwares Carmack wants to make a Kinect game!

John Carmack of id Software want to make a Kinect game

So apparently John Carmack of id software (Doom, Quake) wants to create a Kinect game. John Carmack is pretty much a genius when it comes to good games so I’m pretty damn excited this!

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How to hack Kinect

Clipboard01 How to hack Kinect

For anyone who is currently interested in hacking Kinect, a rather complicated guide on this topic is now available. This might be more complex than you think, so unless hacking is in you nature, don’t stress too much about it. The guide has been made available on LadyAda’s website but if you want to read it, take your time as it’s quite long.

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