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Kinect Games Chart November 2010

best kinect games november 2010 Kinect Games Chart November 2010

Kinect Games Chart - Kinect Sports was the best, and now?

About a month after Kinect’s launch in the US, the first month of Kinect has come to an end – a perfect time to see how well Kinect Games are doing! 123Kinect redirected a bunch of Kinect enthusiasts to their local Kinect Stores, and we wanted to share some of the results with you: a top 10 of Kinect titles sold - this will show you which Kinect Games are most valued among our community of Kinect enthusiasts and may show you some of the games that slipped your grocery list!

Earlier we confronted you with the first week’s top 10, find the top 10 Best Selling Kinect Games of November 2010 below.

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Kinect is being, and shall always be, bashed by Sony

movevsKinect Kinect is being, and shall always be, bashed by Sony

Sony is arguing Move is far superior to Kinect

In a recent interview with Videogamer the technical engineer of Sony (Anton Mikhailov) is going all out on Kinect. I guess he is a bit biased because he helped to develop Playstation Move, but still he is pretty negative about Kinect. View full article »

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