Jonathan Blow, the person behind Braid, was present at the E3 event yesterday when he mentioned that he was interested in making a Kinect game but decided to focus on another project that was running at the same time called The Witness.

I was going to do a Kinect game back when they announced [Kinect].It was actually green-lit by Microsoft for Xbox Live Arcade and I was going to make it concurrently with The Witness, but I needed somebody else to be the designer and it didn’t work out.

I decided it was a bad idea anyway if I wanted to focus on The Witness, but I like the idea and maybe I’d like to come back and do it in the future.

- Jonathan Blow

It is unfortunate to hear that the Kinect game was cancelled, but it’s great that he is still considering the idea. Maybe we’ll see his Kinect games at one of the future E3 events.

Source: oxm