You may have already had a chance to try out the object scanning feature in Kinect Fun Labs mini game ‘build a buddy’ (if not, be sure to download it for free). Interestingly, OXM now reports that Microsoft shares the Kinect object scanning technology amongst internal Microsoft teams as well as third-party developers using Unreal Engine.

Kinect Object Scanning, that’s Unreal!

The technology, which has existed for “only around four months” according to a Microsoft rep we spoke to last night, is currently being “actively shared” with internal Microsoft development teams. Conversations are ongoing with third-party developers.

“Four of the apps we’ve built internally are on the Unreal tech,” OXM was told, “so it makes sense that other licensees who are working with the engine, we can reach out to them as well. Same with Unity and any other tools that we’re using. We’re definitely trying to get this innovation into the Kinect firmware.”

How long before we see it on shop shelves? “Somewhere between tomorrow and two years from now,” we were told, tongue firmly in cheek. “Lots of people are looking at this, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something soon.”

Well, after trying the object scanning feature embedded in Kinect Fun Labs yesterday, I must say I’m already impressed. By scanning the back and the front of an object Kinect was able to recreate in the virtual world. If Microsoft can make this even better and use it in big budget games, then with Kinect the sky truly is the limit.

Source: OXM