Kinect Sports Season Two is coming with six brand new sports for your entertainment. So, if you’ve enjoyed the first Kinect Sports, then this one you’ll love as in addition to the games, there are also new features to enhance the experience.

Kinect Sports Season Two features

Kinect Sports Season 2 will feature

  • in-game voice –  e.g. you can change the golf club when playing just by saying “change club”
  • new Kinect gestures – e.g. by bending you’ll be able to overlook the golf course

Sports in Kinect Sports Season 2

The new sports coming in Season 2 are:

  • Ski
  • Tennis
  • (American) football
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • Darts
  • There’s a nice combination of intense sports (football) and more relaxing ones (darts). One game that caught my eyes is golf. Not only this is the very first golf game for Kinect but I’m also very curious how accurate it is as golf is known for being a very difficult sport to be good at. More info on the individual sports can be found in this post.

    Check out the gameplay for golf and football in the video below.

    Kinect Sports Season 2 Gameplay Demo

    Kinect Sports Season 2 Trailer

    It’s all new and fun and it’s coming this holiday season!