We had a great look at much anticipated Star Wars Kinect and we saw exactly how it plays and how it makes use of Kinect. We can already tell you that the game is solely played with the Kinect sensor, no controller needed! Read on for more info!

Star Wars Kinect

So Star Wars Kinect will have you swinging your arms, bending your body and using your voice to play the game. In the video we see the player activating his light saber by saying “light saber…on!” (very cool use of the voice control of Kinect) and next he is swinging his arm like crazy to cut droids in half. It also seems force powered are all done via gestures in a very intuitive way (see video). Dodging is done by bending your body and this actually looks like it will be a pretty good reflex and flexibility training!


Movement seems to be mostly automatic though, although you can charge enemies by leaning forward (almost like in Virtua Tennis 4 I guess). So this game will primarily be on-rails. We still have to see a bit more of this game but for now it looks like movement and Kinect are just not going that well together.


If you look closely at the video you can see a bit of lag between the movements of the player and the movements in game. We also saw this last year at the E3 with quite a few Kinect demos. Therefore I think that the game just needs a bit of optimization and it will run virtually lag free!

Gameplay video