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Archive for February 2nd, 2011

EA Sports looking into Kinect Fight Night

Fight Night Champion EA Sports looking into Kinect Fight Night

Kinect Fight Night: Can you handle it?

EA Sports is seriously considering and currently prototyping a Fight Night game that would support Kinect. This is great news especially as EA Sports disregarded Kinect support in the last Tiger Woods game.

It’s definitely something we’re looking at. We’ve done some pretty cool prototyping.

According to producer Mike Mahar, the Kinect-enabled boxing game might be a completely separate game or a mini-game within Fight Night.

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Michael Phelps’ swimming game gets trailer

michael phelps xbox kinect Michael Phelps swimming game gets trailer

Yesterday, there was Gun Stringer, today it is Michael Phelps‘ day. Earlier today, publisher 505 games called his swimming game ‘a perfect fit for Kinect‘, and now they released a video trailer of this Kinect game to show how perfect that fit really is.

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michael phelps xbox kinect Michael Phelps video game for Kinect a perfect fit

In an interview with USA Today, Michael Phelps – an outstanding swimmer who won a record eight gold medals in Beijing in 2008 - unveiled a bit more about his Michael Phelps: Push the Limit game for Kinect. To play the Kinect video game, players will have to stand upright and work their arms (legs are not included in the routine). The player will explore a number of swimming stroke motions when going from introductory swim meets to tournaments and championships.

In addition to recruiting players to his game, Phelps also hopes that some might dive into the actual sport.

A goal of mine since I started was really to grow the sport of swimming, and having the ability to come up with a swimming game; it shows that my goal is actually occurring.

Read on to hear more about how Phelps aims to achieve this goal with his first and realistic Kinect game for swimmers.

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