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Archive for February 11th, 2011

Kinect to control your house: Microsofts view of the future kinect news

One day your computer might be integrated in your house, and controlled with Kinect!

Microsoft recently held a little showcase about how they see the future of home computing…literally. It’s pretty damn impressive and the cool thing is…Kinect plays a big role in making the whole thing possible. Read on for more info!

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The Gunstringer: Puppet Master 101

The Gunstringer: Puppet Master 101 special

Become the puppet master!

Those lovely people over at Twisted Pixel seem to have a feel for the questions that a lot of the people (like us) have about the control mechanics of The Gunstringer: their latest game for Kinect:

One common theme in all of the questions has been “how does the game control?”. Is it similar or different to our other games? Do I have to use my whole body? Why is this a game that only works on the Kinect?

Read on for their answers, and our view!

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