The closer we get to this year’s E3 event, the higher the excitement and expectations of Kinect fans. Especially when Microsoft goes ahead and says that all Microsoft studios are focusing on Kinect projects. Furthermore, Rare’s Studio Manager hints that there will be lots of innovative games for Kinect in the upcoming months.

It looks like Microsoft is going to pleasantly surprise us again this year!

Kinect is the focus of all Microsoft studios

Microsoft has already plenty of successful Kinect titles but it doesn’t want to stop here. It seems like they’re working on new and amazing Kinect experiences as Neil Thompson, Microsoft’s UK General manager for retails sales and marketing, said himself

I can guarantee that Rare and all of our other studios are looking at what we’re doing on Kinect and coming up with some amazing new experiences that people will love. That’s what we’re focusing on.

Rare is a big player in Microsoft’s plans. According to Scott Henson, Studio Manager of Rare, the upcoming months will bring innovative games and people should expect some exciting news at E3.

We’ve got E3 coming up, and there’ll be lots of exciting things happening there.

As a first party studio, our job is to lead innovation on the platform. We take that seriously, and you’ll see plenty from us in the coming months. I’m sure you’ll see loads from third-party too.

They sure seem to have a lot planned for this year. Hopefully, the things to come will meet the expectations they’ve created among Kinect fans.

Source: MCV

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