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Earlier Microsoft showed us some footage of Ballmer presenting in Avatar Kinect, and it gave us a general idea of what Avatar Kinect is going to be. That video did not show us a whole lot more on how our experience would be as Xbox Live subscribers, a video that does show this (and reveals other details) is after the break.

Avatar Kinect Dashboard Update

Summarized, we will have 15 or more stages to choose from. We will be able to invite friends to the virtual stage, choose seating (like round-table, monologue etc), record these virtual meetings and put them online, while being fully tracked on facial expressions and body motion!

Expression Potential

The expression system seems well thought out, and this seems to be offering quite a lot of fun! As recording your virtual get togethers is possible, Avatar Kinect may even mean the future of so called ‘podcasts‘. Expressions and video like this has the potential to make these podcasts much more alive, in my view.

Avatar Kinect is due this Spring, and will be free for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers!

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