Those of you that have been following the news around Kinect’s innovative chat program “Avatar Kinect” might be getting really bored of this. First the app was going to come out in the April update (but didn’t), then it was actually reported to be fully functional already (but still no release). Next we picked up a rumor that it was going to be released in May and when that didn’t happen we got word it was going to be released in Spring. That of course didn’t happen either (since it’s summer now), and now we have, yet another, new release date!

Avatar Kinect within a few weeks

According to Geekwire Avatar Kinect is going to be release “within a few weeks“. This information comes directly from a presentation given by Microsoft’s research and strategy chief Craig Mundie so I think this info must be pretty accurate. So for all that have been waiting for so long on Avatar Kinect and got their hopes up countless times about the release of the app: the wait is almost over! Just a few more weeks!

Still, “a few weeks” is a little bit vague, and I really hope that means within three weeks, but it could of course be a little longer. Once we’ll have an actual release date we’ll report on it immediately!

Source: Geekwire