Ubisoft held a presentation for their upcoming Kinect fighting game Avengers: Battle For Earth at Gamescom and Games Fever managed to record a video of some of it that you can watch above. (Unfortunately the video and sound stop about 4 minutes into the presentation for some reason.)

I also found a video interview with Jessica Crockett, Ubisoft’s Product Manager who held the presentation, by GotGame:

Here are some excerpts from a couple of hands-on previews from Gamescom, the first preview is from Xbox360Achievements:

Next up was Avengers: Battle for Earth, presented by art director Dan Vargas. “This is the first collaboration between Marvel and Ubisoft,” Vargas explained. “It’s also the first time you’ve been able to control the heroes directly.” Clearly there are grand things in store then and the premise of a Kinect based fighting game is certainly intriguing, as Vargas states that, “We wanted to take advantage of the iconic poses and moves of the characters as part of our gameplay.” The storyline is based on the Secret Invasion comic series from a few years ago, featuring the Skrull and all of the heroes and villains involved, so you won’t just be pounding nameless foes for no reason – you’ll also be doing it to advance the story.

Different moves and actions have different results, with you using your arms for ranged attacks and your legs for kicks and throws. Heave an enemy into the air and you can pummel on them as fast as you can swing your mighty fists, plus you can chain various movements together to perform dodges, heavy attacks and even super moves. Each match sees two teams of two square off, and there are various on-screen prompts to aid in your attacks and defensive moves. The idea being a kind of rock, paper, scissors affair whereby various attacks counter each other and you have to string moves together to good effect as well as swapping characters in at key moments to swing the momentum in your favour. There are twenty characters to choose from and each of them have a variety of moves and special attacks to learn. “While the game is easy to pick up and play, it is difficult to master,” says Vargas after finishing the presentation, which is surely exactly what a good fighting game should be.

Thankfully the controls are just as easy to pick up as he said they would be and, even though we are in a perfectly sized room for the Kinect to function properly, it all seems to work fairly smoothly. I’m blasting my opponent with one hand, then tossing them into the air with a swift knee before flailing my arms in the approximate direction of some sturdy punches (which everyone graciously declined to laugh at). On a couple of occasions the moves I was trying to pull off didn’t seem to work first time, but as the second round kicked in I seemed to have a much better grasp of the game and strung a few respectable combos together. Emerging triumphant, and not totally shaming myself, is a nice feeling and the game’s detection is pretty much spot on. There’ll also be an online versus mode as well as local split-screen combat to boot, so the chance to virtually beat on your friends may be good for a few laughs too.


The second preview is from Game Rant who also managed to get photos of Stan Lee playing the game! EXCELSIOR!!

The demo allowed for casual players to quickly get in on the action – and features four of the most well-known characters in the Marvel universe: Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and The Mighty Thor. Gamers can fight against an AI opponent or with a friend using split-screen – obviously the more enjoyable way to play (and watch). Specific Kinect gestures are used and turned into corresponding attacks – translated to each character for their own specific move set. The paralleled gesture mechanic in turn makes the game easier to learn and much more fun to play.

Of course, when the game is released this fall, gamers won’t be limited to a handful of characters. Marvel and Ubisoft have worked closely to fit twenty of the comic franchise’s best characters for motion control, including the other headlining Avenger, Captain America, as well as fan-favorites like Venom. Utilizing Marvel’s Secret Invasion timeline, there’s bound to be a lot more to see and do in the full game.

While Battle for Earth may live up to fan expectations, there’s really only one okay that Ubisoft needs to hear: that of former Marvel president, Stan Lee. Lee was able to take some time to publicly test out the game – playing as Hulk and taking out other Marvel heroes with smashes and combos.


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Since Stan Lee makes cameos in virtually all Marvel movies I wonder if he will also appear in Avengers: Battle For Earth in some way? If he’s not in it visually then I think he should at least be the story narrator and fight announcer. ‘Nuff said! 🙂


Source: Games Fever YouTube Channel, GotGame YouTube Channel, Xbox360Achievements, Game Rant