Ubisoft took their Kinect superhero fighting game, Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth, to the New York Comic Con where they announced that the game would include the movie versions of the Avengers. As you may have seen in the previous trailer and can see in Evolve TV’s video interview above, where Thor has a beard and isn’t wearing his helmet.

You can see more action from the NYCC demo below, in footage recorded by a YouTube user called Shin Mamoru X, that features in their first playable appearance (I think) The Hulk (movie version), Thor (movie version), Iron Man (movie version, I think) and the Human Torch:

Full Character List Revealed!

Ubisoft have also revealed the full character list for the game as well as new artwork featuring 19 of the 20 characters. For some reason they left Queen Veranke (Queen of the Skrulls) off the poster:

  Black Widow     Captain America     Doctor Doom          Dr. Strange


     Hawkeye            Human Torch              Iceman                 Iron Man


         Loki                      Magneto                Phoenix         Queen Veranke


 Scarlet Witch          Spider Man                Storm               Super Skrull


     The Hulk                    Thor                     Venom                 Wolverine


 Click on pic for larger & less compressed image.

See 4 more screenshots of the Avengers in their movie costumes from the NYCC demo in the gallery below.

Source: Evolve TV's YouTube Channel, Shin Mamoru X's YouTube Channel, Joystiq,,,
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