Earlier this month, Chaotic Moon showed off Board of Awesomeness, a Kinect-controlled skateboard, proving that there’s much more to Kinect than we’ve seen so far. It’s not all about indoor gaming anymore. Board of Awesomeness takes you and Kinect to the streets at up to 32 miles per hours  (51.5 km/h).

Board of Awesomeness is “using a motorized longboard custom rigged with a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect device, Samsung Windows 8 enabled tablet with full voice control, a phidget interface module, and all terrain tires.”

How does it work?

Video recognition, speech recognition, location data, accelerometer data, and other factors determine what the user wants to do and allow the board to follow the operator’s commands without other aid. Very similar to using Kinect for Xbox 360, the Kinect device on our Board of Awesomeness transmits the user’s gestures and movement to the Samsung Windows 8 tablet that serves as the board’s central brain by controlling the speed of the board’s electric motor, which is up to 32 miles per hour.

So, this new skateboard will get you through the city without much effort. You can turn the board on/off and control the speed by moving your hands forwards, for increasing the speed, or pulling the hands back for slowing down or stopping. The board steers like any other skateboard as the Kinect controls turned out to be counter-intuitive and they were eventually taken out.

Would you use the Board of Awesomeness or would you rather skateboard the traditional way?


Source: Chaotic Moon
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