Independent developer Virtual Air Guitar Company have released the above trailer for Boom Ball For Kinect and announced that it will be available on Xbox Live for Kinect 2 for Xbox One this Friday, November 28th in North America and December 5th in the rest of the World! It will cost £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99 and is the first ID@Xbox Kinect 2 game to be released.

Here’s more info in a press release from the Boom Ball website:


Boom Ball for Kinect Comes to Xbox One on Nov 28th

Indie Motion Game Just in Time for Holiday Fun!


  • Developer: Virtual Air Guitar Company
  • Price tier: $9.99
  • Regions: North America (Nov 28th, 2014), Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, South Africa, India, Singapore, Hong Kong (Dec 5th, 2014)


Indie studio Virtual Air Guitar Company is self-publishing their new motion game Boom Ball for Kinect via Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program for Xbox One. “This is a great opportunity for indie studios like us to reach the global gaming community directly. The distribution channel is now open for innovative experiences to appear next to big-budget mainstream games,” says lead designer and company founder Aki Kanerva.

Boom Ball for Kinect is a lighthearted full-body ball game targeted at the family audience. It combines classic arcade ball-bouncing and brick-smashing action with intuitive Kinect control. “We’re continuing our tradition of fun, physically active games that work for people of all ages and heights. It’s wonderful to see kids play the game jumping around in pure glee!” says Kanerva.

What makes Boom Ball for Kinect an ideal family game is that it’s easy enough to get into and just play ball. Or you can hone your aim, timing and puzzle-solving skills to reach record times in each of the game’s 55 levels.

The technical improvements in Kinect for Xbox One improve gameplay experiences. With Kinect for Xbox One’s wider field of view you don’t need as much space to play. Its accuracy has made it possible to create a motion game with deep, skill-based gameplay.


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Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd, founded in 2006, is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company is an independent game studio specializing in camera and motion games for consoles and PCs. Previously shipped titles include Kung-Fu Live for PlayStation 3 and Kung-Fu High Impact for Xbox 360.



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Source: Virtual Air Guitar Company's YouTube Channel, Boom Ball website