An exclusive and new version of the party / family games that was a huge success on the Wii (sold over 7 million units) is coming to Kinect! Carnival Games Kinect ill be released about a week from now, and Ace12me, now found the latest gameplay video!

Canival Games Kinect Gameplay

The video shows us what it’s like to go for a raucous ride on Gold Rush Mountain, go wild and copy a monkey’s dancing movesin Monkey See Monkey Do, crash a bunch of points in Crash-Test Dummy, be your spaceship in Rocket To Mars and some interesting comments about the game.

Interestingly, with this Kinect game you can win all kinds of stuff to dress up your Xbox Live Avatar! Also, of the 20 mini-games include, 16 are multi-player! Some of which are turn-based, while others allow for simultaneous – side-by-side – play.

More Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
Party / Family game, expected to be available April 8th, 2011, by 2K Games
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Thanks Ace12me
Source: x360A