Admits all of the Kinect news, it so happens that a 3DS game, titled Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion has a rumor that a Kinect version is planned down the road.  Cartoon Network fans might want to keep an eye out for this game, as it contains some of the most iconic character of Cartoon Network! Read on for some more details.

Kinect game: Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion

So what I was able to gather about this rumored Kinect game is that it’s basically a cartoon network world and you fight the characters against each other, such as PowerPuff Girls vs. Dexter.  The xbox version is supposed to have more characters available when it’s released.  We’ll keep an eye on this one and keep you posted.

What are your thoughts about this?  I’m not sure as of how this Kinect game would be controlled, as it could be very basic punching and kicking, but we’ll see!

Source: GamePro