CastleOS Software have released a beta version of their home automation software, called simply CastleOS, which uses voice commands via Kinect to enable you to control various things in your house just by talking to it! You can see a demo of it in action in the video above.

CastleOS Software have also issued the following press release with more info:

CastleOS Unveils New Home Automation Software with Microsoft Kinect Integration

The CastleOS home automation software is available for download now, and features the world’s first whole-house voice control system, powered by CastleOS and the Microsoft Kinect™

BOSTON, MA (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

CastleOS Software, LLC ( has announced availability of their new home automation software suite, CastleOS, featuring the world’s first whole-house voice control system. CastleOS is the first home automation controller to fully integrate the power of the Microsoft Kinect™ and modern home automation systems like Insteon, X10, and soon, Z-Wave and ZigBee, among others.

With this capability, CastleOS allows users to adjust their lighting, HVAC systems, and other devices by simply speaking out loud from anywhere within their home. Imagine sitting down for a movie, and rather than having to stand up to turn off the lights, simply saying out loud, “Computer, turn off the lights”. Or, tossing and turning in bed because it’s a little too hot, and instead of getting up to adjust the thermostat, saying, “Computer, turn up the A/C”.

In addition to the voice interface, users can control their home from their phone, tablet, computer, and any other device with a web browser, using the accompanying HTML5 app. The CastleOS app is very simple to use, designed for and tested by homeowners, not tech professionals.

CastleOS also measures the energy use of the homes it’s installed in – breaking down the energy usage of lighting, HVAC systems, appliances and more. With the usage information provided by CastleOS, energy bills have been easily cut by as much as 10% or more.


System Requirements

For the CastleOS Core Service

Windows XP SP2, 2003 SP2, or newer
Intel Pentium 4 or newer
Insteon USB or Serial PLM/dongle
Microsoft .NET 4.0 or newer (free download)

For the Kinect Voice Control Interface

Windows XP SP2, 2003 SP2, or newer
Xbox360 Kinect or Kinect for Windows
Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
Microsoft .NET 4.0 or newer (free download)

Kinect Drivers

If you do not currently have Kinect drivers installed,
please choose the appropriate package for your Kinect:
Xbox360 Kinect Drivers (via SDK)
Kinect for Windows Drivers (via Runtime)




Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine, CastleOS YouTube Channel, CastleOS Software's website