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Wednesday March 2, 2011
The creator of 'love' think Kinect is only good for dancing and aerobics

Eskil Steenberg, the creator of the Swedish MMO ‘Love‘ said in an interview with Eurogamer that he thinks Kinect is only good for games [...]


505 Games is enjoying something of a surprise hit with Zumba Fitness as the game is outperforming expectations! The game aims to keep you and I fit [...]

Child of Eden will not only look great, but will feel great too!

A new version of upcoming beautiful on rails shooter “Child of Eden” was shown at a preview event and managed to blow its audience [...]

Tuesday March 1, 2011

After Oprah, and Ellen Degeneres (she played Dance Central earlier), promoted Xbox Kinect; Ellen Degeneres got a second chance! She got to play Yoostar 2: [...]

flying with Kinect

Have you ever dreamt you could fly? I bet you have, since it’s one of those returning dreams that supposedly everyone has. The cool [...]


  Viacom, the previous owner of Harmonix, announced that it wanted to sell the company that created Dance Central for Kinect.  Harmonix had been sold to [...]

Microsoft is researching ways to show 3D by using the Kinect sensor

Microsoft is doing everything they can to use their Kinect technology to the fullest. It seems that Microsoft research is currently busy developing a [...]

Monday February 28, 2011
Milo: an ambitious and innovative Kinect project

Milo… the game that introduced the world to the power of Kinect, that made everyone excited about the potential of the technology, the game [...]

This company just released their own Kinect SDK

We just reported on the news that a German company is working on their own SDK for Kinect on Windows, but now it seems [...]

Developing Kinect apps might become easy sooner than expected

We already knew that Microsoft is creating an official SDK for Kinect on Windows, but it appears that they are getting competition for German [...]

DiRT will probably never have Kinect support :(

DiRT 3‘s chief game designer Paul Coleman said some pretty unfortunate things about Kinect in an interview with Eurogamer. The designer is unconvinced of [...]

Sunday February 27, 2011
This week's most popular articles revolved around Brunswick Pro Bowling

This week we reported on the release of Brunswick Pro Bowling, we saw a bit more of Avatar Kinect and we finally got an [...]


As you may already know, both Virtua Tennis 4 and Child of Eden will have Kinect support! Recently, their release dates have been refreshed, and [...]

Saturday February 26, 2011
microsoft announcement

The Press Event held in San Francisco was used by Microsoft to showcase some titles to be released in 2011. The Kinect topics involved [...]


The Gunstringer is the first Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) Kinect game coming to us this spring, as we predicted. No purple boxes, no walking [...]

Friday February 25, 2011
Child of Eden will not only look great, but will feel great too!

So far, we’ve seen just  some screenshots of Child of Eden, the preview from last year’s E3 or the preview made by IGN. Now, [...]

The Gunstringer for Xbox Kinect

At the Microsoft Press Event that took place yesterday (24th February) in San Francisco, Sophia Tong from GameSpot had the chance to discuss with [...]

Thursday February 24, 2011
Once Upon A Monster Sesame Street Kinect Game

Are you super excited about the Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster game? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Double Fine project [...]


Only recently, Brunswick Pro Bowling for Kinect has been released! Right now, TheZeeman got his hands on the game and put it to the [...]

Wednesday February 23, 2011

Once upon a Monster with the famous Sesame Street characters for Xbox Kinect was already announced with a couple of colorful and child friendly [...]

Brunswick Pro Bowling achievements

In an official announcement from Crave today, Brunswick Pro Bowling for Kinect has said to been shipped to retailers!  According to their facebook post it [...]

Blue Toad Murder Files. A new Kinect game?

Relentless Software, the developer of Buzz! for the PlayStation, considers Kinect “a stroke of genius” and would be interested in making a game for [...]

Tuesday February 22, 2011

Earlier Microsoft showed us some footage of Ballmer presenting in Avatar Kinect, and it gave us a general idea of what Avatar Kinect is going [...]

microsoft announcement

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is held next week, but Microsoft is hinting that it will do some big juicy announcements prior to the [...]

Monday February 21, 2011
It's here...it really is!

This used to be a big fat juicy rumor: Kinect for Windows was going to be officially supported by Microsoft and an SDK (Software [...]