The Kinect SDK came out a while ago and gave everyone a chance to create Windows 7 applications that made use of the Kinect sensor. This was all cool and stuff, but this SDK had one major problem: It was based on a strictly non-commercial license. This means that if you made something cool you wouldn’t be able to sell it or use it to promote your business for example. Now this is all going to change!

Going commercial!

The Kinect SDK will get a commercial program early next year and according to Major Nelson this will give people the tools to revolutionize their industries. It also appears that over 200 businesses have already joined some kind of Kinect pilot program to explore the possibilities of Kinect for non-gaming applications.

When this commercial license of the Kinect SDK becomes available I think all bets are off! This thing will have a major impact on our way of living and everything we deal with. Think about it: Kinect for a fact is a revolutionary device and people will be lining up to exploit its potential in anticipation of making lots money! When this happens there must be some great things coming out of this!

This commercial Kinect SDK can’t come soon enough for me and I can’t wait to see all the crazy innovative things people will do with it. The future is really here and this thing will change everything! Mark my words!

Source: major nelson