CRABITRON Kinect – Candy Planet Alpha Video

The first footage of wacky “giant space crab simulation” game CRABITRON Kinect has been released (not counting the Kinect 1 prototype), which you can watch above. It’s video of a work-in-progress Alpha version of CRABITRON Kinect’s “Candy Planet” level. Even at this very early stage CRABITRON Kinect’s controls appear to work well judging by the video, which is a good sign.

Unfortunately that’s all I’ve got for this update, but I’ll post more media and/or information as soon as it becomes available.

CRABITRON Kinect is an ID@Xbox game by independent developer Two Lives Left that will be released for Kinect 2 for Xbox One sometime in 2015.




Source: John Millard's YouTube Channel Via: CRABITRON's Twitter