A Twitter user called sacra was one of the lucky few who managed to download the Crimson Dragon demo before it was pulled and according to one of his tweets you can play the game sitting down!


#Kinect works fine on Crimson Dragon #XBLA even if sitting, but I still want the pad support… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ifO72YsjZU …

He also uploaded his own video of the demo, which you can watch above, that included looking through some of the options which revealed more information about the game that I’ll list below:


Main Menu

  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Unlock Full Game
  • Help & Options
  • Recommendations
  • My Battle Results
  • Exit Game

Help & Options Menu

  • How To Play (this may be mission specific)
  • Controls
  • Settings
  • Credits

Hot To Play Menu

  • Menace Of The White Phantom
  • Camp Exile
  • Mission Report
  • Mission Reward
  • How To Feed
  • Trading Post
  • Multiplayer Mode

Controls Menu

  • Basic Controls
  • Skills
  • Shooting with Ray skills
  • Shooting with Shot skills
  • Shooting with Vision skills
  • Shooting with Action skills
  • Changing position

More Info

How To Play

Menace Of The White Phantom

You are a dragonrider on Planet Draco, sent by Seeker Command to destroy the White Phantom, but you failed. Steel yourself through missions and destroy the White Phantom!

Camp Exile

  1. Missions: Select the mission to embark on.
  2. Bestiary: Tend to your dragon.
  3. Trading Post: Browse World Factbook.
  4. Help & Options: Change settings.

Mission Report

  1. Dragon’s Life: Zero HP = Mission failed.
  2. Dragon’s Willpower; Required to use skills.
  3. Reticle: Control with left/right hand and invoke skills.
  4. Skills: Dragon’s current skill set.

Mission Reward

When you successfully complete a mission you receive Food units based on your rank and EXP based on score. Different missions offer different types of Food, so try to take on all of the missions available.

How To Feed

Feeding your dragon teaches it new skills. Select a Food item on the right to view the accompanying skill. Feed your dragon the same Food multiple times to teach the skill fully. Some Foods need to be combined with others to be effective, and some build on previously learned skills.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is your one-stop shop for goods and information. Here you can sell the Food obtained during missions to buy Food Packs and new dragons. You can also peruse important data, such as information about defeated enemies.

Multiplayer Mode

In multiplayer mode, you can team up with other dragonriders to take on missions. Encounter enemies and obtain Foods exclusive to multiplayer mode.


Basic Controls

Move your body to make the dragon follow. Lean left, right, forward or back to steer your dragon. Move your right or left hand to aim the targeting reticle and the dragon will fire its skills towards that reticle.


Every dragon comes equipped with a main skill set. main skills aren’t interchangeable, but additional subskills can be learned through feeding and will consume Willpower when used.

Shooting with Ray skills

For Ray skills, lock on to your target with the reticle and throw your hand forward to fire. The shot will chase down the locked targets, and multiple enemies can be hit at once.

Shooting With Shot skills

For Shot skills, simply aim your target with the reticle and bullets will automatically shoot in that direction. Well-aimed shots can heavily damage a slower moving enemy with multiple hits.

Shooting with Vision skills

Vision skills detect enemies within a large reticle field and continuously attack them as soon as they enter the reticle. This is useful for massed enemies with low stamina.

Shooting with Action skills

Use Action skills by raising and then lowering your arms. Action skills boost your dragon’s stats temporarily or launch powerful attacks, but consume a lot of Willpower, so use them wisely.

Change position

Thrust both arms forward to change positions with an ally dragonrider. Take the lead when you need to protect an ally, or drop back when you’re weakened. Only for multiplayer mode.



Sacra also uploaded a video of Crimson Dragon’s credits, for anyone interested in the people who made the game:




Source: sacra (@lifelower) on Twitter, lifelower's YouTube Channel