The first Dance Central is a great game, it’s both selling very well and has received great reviews. You might think…what could possibly be improved for Dance Central 2? Well, a long list of possible improvements for Dance Central 2 has surfaced. Check for more info after the jump.

Dance Central 2 possible features

Kotaku posted a list of requested Dance Central 2 features that came from an early survey. I have picked out some of the more interesting features below:

  • Custom Dance creation: string together dance-moves to create your own dance
  • 2 player co-op or against each other simultaneously (also via Xbox Live)
  • Practice an individual move instead of an entire set
  • Create your own continues workout and dance it without interuption
  • Improved feedback on dance moves: the game will tell you more specifically what you are doing wrong
  • On screen lyrics
  • Loose filter mode: makes the game less strict on your dance moves
  • Performance comparison: see yourself and the virtual dancer side by side, in order to better judge your performance

This is just a small selection of the entire feature list. For all of the wanted Dance Central 2 feature, go here.

It doesn’t mean that all these features will be added to Dance Central 2, but it’s good that Harmonix has this full list to take it into consideration during development. Let’s hope most (if not all) of the features on the list will get implemented!

What new features would you like to see most in Dance Central 2? Let me know in the comments! Oh yeah, if you don’t have Dance Central yet, you can get it right here.