There is a shiny new trailer for Dance Central 2 and it is a big surprise to watch (well if you have played the first Dance Central). Apparently Harmonix decided that they didn’t like the graphics of the original Dance Central so much anymore and gave the game a complete graphic overhaul! Check it out below.

Dance Central 2 trailer

One of the ‘bad’ things about Dance Central was that it didn’t have any simultaneous multiplayer. It is no surprise that Harmonix really want to make up for this and is focussing heavily on multiplayer. The trailer shows this as it introduces us to “Crews” which is probably a part of the game that is multiplayer only.

Another interesting part is that the graphics seem to be completely cell-shaded now, which is strange because early screenshots of the game did not show this. Maybe this graphic style is optional as it could be just a graphic filter that can be toggled (like in Child of Eden).

Anyway, check it out below and see for yourself if you like these graphics better or now.

Funny thing that the Borderlands 2 trailer was also released today, indicating the shocking resemblance in graphic style. For those interested I included that video too!

Dance Central 2 will be out on the 21st of October!