Details available for Kinect Project Draco kinect news

Some details on Project Draco (game inspired by Panzer Dragoon) have been made available. We now know a bit more than in September when it has been announced that the game would involve communicating with your dragon and training it for combat. Interested to know what Yukio Futatsugi said? Then continue reading.

Futatsugi and his staff are taking care to ensure that players can enjoy themselves for lengthy periods without betting tired. They’re paying attention to such things as the length of a single map and the frequency of enemy attacks.

- Andriasang

Project Draco is not a party type game where everyone enjoys themselves for brief periods, but is rather the type of game into which players sink their teeth.

- Yukio Futatsugi, director of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust

Because of this, they’re developing the game to keep players from being tired while still delivering a control scheme that delivers a direct feel of movement.

- Andriasang

The idea of this game reminds me a lot of an animated movie I enjoyed a lot “How to train your dragon”. What do you think? Will the game be that good?

Sources: Adriasang.

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