Lightning Fish is currently working on the fitness game miCoach, and while the game is scheduled for early 2012 (which is quite some time from now) we already have a ton of info on the game, including a quick peek behind the scenes of making miCoach!

miCoach details

miCoach will be all about getting you fit. The game will feature a wide range of sport-specific personalized training programs, so I assume that as a player you select the sports you want to train for and what specific part of the body you want to train and the game will great a training schedule. A pretty cool thing about miCoach is that feedback will be given both by data obtained by the Kinect sensor, as well as data from a heart rate monitor! I think that by adding the heart rate monitor data the game can give you much more accurate and useful feedback!

The game will also feature a mobile app, meaning you will probably be able to take your GPS enabled phone and heart rate monitor, go for a run outside and have all the exercise data of that workout sent right to the game!

The sports that are supported by miCoach include running, tennis, football (soccer), American football and basketball. So in terms a variety there are quite a few option. It’s not clear if this is the final list of supported sports, or if there will be DLC support for more sports later on.

The miCoach Coaches

miCoach will future a group of 6 green screen shot coaches that will guide the player through every exercise. These coaches include:

  • Dwight Howard – Orlando Magic Basketball player
  • Kaká – Real Madrid soccer player
  • Tyson Gay – Track and field sprinter
  • Jessica Ennis – Track and field athlete
  • Ana Ivanović – Tennis player
  • Eric Berry – American Football player

The names on this list are huge! And I guess this is where the partnership with Adidas really kicks in. Great stuff!

Making off miCoach

Check out a behind the scene look at how miCoach was made.


Maybe it’s a bit too early to say, but looking at the very early gameplay footage in that video there is one thing that I am liking a lot, and that is the interface! I recently reviewed Get Fit With Mel B which has a similar focus as miCoach. However I didn’t really like the interface to this game. miCoach is showing how it should be done! The interface is sleek and is looking great! Shows that the developer is really paying attention to the details.

I am really liking where miCoach is going and I will definitely want to play this when it is done! It’s still a bit of a long wait till the game releases, but I think the wait will be totally worth it!