Alien: Isolation’s EGX Developer Session

Another Developer Session I attended at this year’s EGX London was for Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly’s first-person sci-fi survival horror sequel to Ridley Scott’s classic film Alien. During this session they talked about numerous aspects of Alien: Isolation including how they made Alien: Isolation as authentic as possible by getting as much original source material from 20th Century Fox as possible, as well as not only recreating but expanding the original musical score and programming the audio so that the music reacted dynamically to both the player and the Alien’s actions. They also showed gameplay from the beginning of the game. As with Dragon Age: Inquisition I did actually record Alien: Isolation’s Developer Session but once again EGXTV’s recording of it includes direct feed footage of the game so I have decided to use that video in this article instead, which you can watch above.

Unfortunately they didn’t reveal how the Xbox One version of Alien: Isolation supports Kinect 2. While I was at the Alien: Isolation booth I did actually ask Jodie Azhar (I think? Apologies if I’m wrong) about the Kinect 2 support but she just said they weren’t ready to talk about it yet. Hopefully they should be talking about it soon though, since the game is out in less than 2 weeks!

Although I did play the Alien: Isolation “Survivor Mode” demo (which I must admit I failed miserably at!) I wasn’t able to record any footgae of it. However, Eurogamer did hold a “Let’s Play” session featuring the Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode demo today which was livestreamed and recorded by EGXTV which you can watch below along with the Survivor Mode Dev Diary:

Eurogamer’s Let’s Play Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode


Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode Dev Diary:


Finally, here’s a CGI trailer for Alien: Isolation that was revealed at Gamescom last month:



Alien: Isolation will be released for Xbox One on October 7th and as I mentioned earlier the Kinect 2 features haven’t been revealed yet.




Source: EGXTV's YouTube Channel, Alien: Isolation YouTube Channel