Lionhead Studios have released DLC for Fable: The Journey on Xbox LIVE that was previously available as pre-order bonuses as well as 1 “Fable: The Journey Bonus DLC” that doesn’t currently have a description. Each of these DLCs costs 80 MSP.

Here’s more info and you can click on any of them to download them from Xbox LIVE marketplace:


Pet Cluckling. – This is an XP laying chicken. As you travel through the world of Albion this little chicken will lay “XP Eggs” which will give you extra experience points. You can spend all your experience points on in-game upgrades!





Dangly Gnome. – This little gnome will be by your side as you travel through Albion and he will ‘encourage’ you with witty remarks!





Wisp in a Jar. – The Wisp in a Jar will give you more health so all the creatures in Albion will have a tougher time getting you down.





Fragment of the Spire. – This little ornament will give you a magic boost, so you can fire more and bigger bolts towards you enemies.




Non-Fluffy Dice. – These will be your lucky dice as your travel the world of Albion looking for adventure. While you travel on the cart the dice will give you an XP bonus of 5%.






Gauntlets of Flame. – If you are a fan of Fire, these are the Gauntlets to get as they give you a free upgrade for the Fireball Spell.





Gauntlets of Bolt. – Get a free upgrade for the Bolt Spell and become instantly more powerful while firing at your enemies.




Gauntlets of Wisdom. – While you’re on foot, exploring the world of Albion, these gauntlets will give you a 5% experience bonus. You can spend all your experience points on in-game upgrades!






Gauntlets of the Shard. – Get an instant upgrade to the Blade Spell so it becomes more powerful with a lot more shards.




Gauntlets of Force. – Pushing enemies away and dragging them around will be your main defense and these gauntlets give you an instant upgrade to the Force Throw Spell.






Fable: The Journey Bonus DLC. – No description currently available.





Source: Xbox LIVE Marketplace
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