Lionhead Studios have released an awesome new trailer for their upcoming Kinect game Fable: The Journey, due out October 9th in the US and October 12th in the UK & Europe, that talks about the story. Also Polygon interviewed Gary Carr, Fable: The Journey’s Creative Director, here are some quotes from the article:

As a Kinect game, the development team at Lionhead knew they needed something entertaining that would provide players a break from all the physical gestures. The answer was story.

“We’ve always wanted to tell a deep and engrossing story,” says Carr. “I think all game makers do. We’re all frustrated film directors, I think. This seemed like a great idea, to do an interactive movie. I think that’s what Fable: The Journey is. ”

Carr says the filmic structure allowed the team to write a rich story in which characters could be developed, fleshed out with depth and meaning. This, he says, wasn’t always possible with the RPG conventions of the traditional Fable games that allowed players to be good, bad, or somewhere in-between, requiring the writing to cater to every possibility.

Not that the game’s more linear story should scare away role-playing fans. Carr says the first-person perspective and physical involvement feels like role-playing in the ultimate sense “because you are the hero.”

Lionhead took the linear story as an opportunity to dig into aspects of the world that haven’t received as much attention in the past. “We wanted to call out some of the backstories of the characters and regions in more detail. That was a great advantage. We’ve always wanted to explain more about the regions, the myths, the legends.”

How the game will play is still unclear, and Carr recognizes there’s a certain level of concern amongst gamers about Kinect games. “It’s going to take a while for good games to come through because it is so different,” says Carr. “There should be skepticism. But it’s still early days in [Kinect’s] life cycles. I just hope consumers will stay patient.”



Source: Polygon's YouTube Channel, Polygon/