The Avengers Kinect title has been shrouded in a bit of interesting mystery since it was announced a few weeks back. The game was announced early May by Ubisoft, but only moment later footage showed up of a cancelled version of a THQ Avengers game. Speculation began whether Ubisoft might have adopted the cancelled game and turned it into a Kinect piece.

But now the very first screenshot to the new Kinect game has been released, and this should pretty much end all discussion.

Avengers Kinect first screenshot

The very first Screenshot for Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth can be seen below. In this screen we see Thor taking it up against Iron Man in what seems to be a third person game! So this is nowhere near the first person game that THQ had in development.

It does seem that Ubisoft is making a complete new game and that only at E3 (which is very soon) we’ll find out what this whole thing is about. Stay tuned!

Source: thisisxbox