Today, a new game entitled Fit Music was announced to come to Europe. The announcement was for the Wii version of the game, however an Xbox Kinect version will also be “coming soon”.

Mixing fitness with music

The game is exactly what it sounds like: fitness and music! Better said, it’s “a unique mix of professional workout routines and exciting fit dances”. Some of the best Kinect games out there are sports games or dancing games, so Fit Music has the opportunity to be a real hit… if done properly.

Unfortunately, there’s no specific information on the Kinect version of Fit Music. So, until things get more detailed, have a look at the game’s trailer for Wii and read through the game’s concept. These should give you a pretty good idea about the game and what to expect from it.

The Concept

Fit Music is an innovative fitness activity affording the optimal physical and psychological wellness.Fit Music helps getting a better coordination, striking a balance, accelerating the metabolism and detoxing the body. All the muscles work together and get toned thanks to dynamic exercises to the beat of music. Each workout consists of a warm-up, a training and a cool-down phase. With Fit Music it’s the BPM (beats per minute) to set the workout difficulty levels, without using any weight or machine.Some video games are just into the fitness, some others into the dance. In Fit Music fitness and house dance music are blended into one, in order to make people fit and back in shape with fun, keeping safe the complete physical activities, lifestyle and wellness.

The workout routines have been conceived by Patrizia Salviato, a professional in the field of fitness. She is the in-game real personal trainer, who will supervise the user’s activity in each phase of the training.

Already from the starting, a physical anamnesis is done. Those elements get computed to give a custom current physical condition and the goals to achieve.

Fit Music includes a section dedicated to nutrition. It has been supported by Prof. Antonio Giordano from Human Health Foundation and S.H.R.O. Institute (Sbarro Health Research Organization).

The whole video game has been cared by wellness and fitness specialists and it has been developed by multimedia artists through sophisticated and advanced technologies. It is easy to play: the user only needs to follow the on-screen character’s motions.

Fit Music assures a high intensity workout thanks to a large selection of exercises and fit dances, that the player can experience from his own comfortable home to the sound of the best house dance music tracks ever.

Source: Fit Music