Kinect support was confirmed at E3 last year when the game wasn’t even known as the fourth main title in the Turn 10 racing series, but not many details have appeared on the title since its trailer and accompanying trailer at the VGAs, and some game play videos.

Turn 10 director Dan Greenawalt had an interview with MSN Auto in which he revelead some new details!

The Phantom of the Kinect

The more interesting Kinect feature demonstrated so far is more subtle and less data-intensive. Never mind the phantom steering wheel you can grip and steer. In Kinect-only mode, when you lean to one side or the other, the driver’s perspective edges with you, letting you peer around a blind curve or just slightly around a car before passing it.

That sounds pretty cool, but I’d have to try it in order to see if it actually adds a sense of ‘immersion’. The steering wheel is a nice option, but at this point

Not overloaded with Kinect support?

“Forza Motorsport 4″ will have limited functionality with the body-sensing Kinect control system. Kinect utilizes a 3-D camera with an integrated microphone that allows users to interact with specially designed games without using a controller or headset, using only the motion of their bodies.

Well, it would be interesting to know what the limits of that functionality are as I don’t see it:

But then what else would there be to add? Do you have any ideas for how Kinect support may add to Forza Motorsport? Pre-order here, as it launches fall 2010.

“I think we’re just scratching the surface. I have the feeling that we’ll all look back at these first few years of Kinect and reflect on it as a huge inflection point in interactive entertainment.”

Source: MSN Autos

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