600x150 Kinect Advertisement Videos: They have arrived

UPDATE: Apparently Microsoft has asked Youtube to remove the Advertisements that show off Kinect:

These videos are no longer available due to Copyright claim by MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

@Shrey: Thanks for the notification.

Xbox Kinect has been announced a while back, but it’s getting closer and closer to the launch date: time to prepare for massive advertising! Microsoft just released their advertisements, and is ready to spend millions of dollars on convincing their potential customers to buying Kinect.

Read on to see the advertisements Microsoft came up with for: Kinect Sports, Kinect Joyride and Kinectimals!

Kinect Sports Advertisement Video

Kinect Joyride Advertisement Video

Kinectimals Advertisement Video

So, is this the kind of videos you think that are going to sell Kinect? If these videos convinced you, then be sure to visit do so here.

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