Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 – 10 Minute Gameplay Video

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 still hasn’t been properly announced, just featured in the Gamescom 2014 ID@Xbox trailer, but despite that Twitter user and Xbox fan lifelower (@lifelower) has once again scooped everyone and somehow got hold of a 10 minute gameplay video which you can watch above.

There are a few interesting extra gameplay elements you’ll see in the video, for example dodging shurikens, which is similar to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Training Lair but a little different as they come straight at you rather than from the left and right sides of the screen and you get warning crosshairs like in lightgun games when enemies shoot. Another example is the player having to throw kunai to pin fruit on targets! There definitely seems to be more to Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 compared to the original game.

Unfortunately there’s no release date for Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 yet and since it’s an ID@Xbox game it’s possible that it will only be released on Xbox One and not on Xbox 360. When we get more information we’ll let you know.




Source: lifelower's YouTube Channel Via: lifelower's Twitter