Gears of War Coming to Kinect? (Rumor) special

Gears of War rumored to come to Kinect!

Although Microsoft reported excellent Kinect Sales figures since debuting on November 4 there are hardcore gamers that still don’t want anything to do with Kinect: they feel as though Kinect is seriously lacking in core games. Now IGN has gotten word that Microsoft and Epic Games are working on Gears of War for Kinect. Do you feel that would be a nice addition to the list of Kinect Games?

Gears of War Kinect

According to IGN’s tip:

Microsoft is using the Spike TV Video Games Awards (VGAs) to introduce some big action games, including new titles for the Kinect. The headliner is Gears of War for Kinect, coming straight from Epic Games. Now, we cannot clarify whether or not this is an all-new Gears of War for Kinect or if it’s an existing Gears of War game, retro-fitted for the camera controller.

You are not the Locust, yet!

Unfortunately, Microsoft was not about to comment on the speculation. Epic Games has not yet been reached, but there’s a small chance they’ll confirm Kinect Gears of War. Do you feel there will be a large impact for Kinect, or do you think the work by Remedy could be much more interesting? Be sure to pickup older Gears of War Games, or just the Kinect.

Update: “No Kinect for Gears of War 3″, but in other Gears game?

Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games just updated his Twitter status with the following tweet:

No Kinect in Gears of War 3.

But this doesn’t silence the rumors, as no.. not in Gears of War 3, but how about a completely new game wiht Kinect by Epic Games? It only makes us want Gears of Kinect, a new game around Kinect and the Gears of War series! What are you expecting?

Thanks: @HazyCloud (via Twitter)

Source: IGN.

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