Richard Machowicz is probably best know for his Future Weapons show on Discovery Channel in which he looks for the latest and greatest in military technology. Now he is employed by Ubisoft to tell us all about the gadgets you will be able to use in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Check out his first video above.

Ghost Recon Gameplay and Kinect

Ghost Recon has always been about tactical operation with modern weaponry but with this latest rendition in the series the focus will be even more on the use of futuristic gadgets. Looking at the video above their will be a big stealth elements to the game, as well as working closely together with your teammates. The latter will be the most exciting for Kinect users I think, because if you can command your teammates by using voice this thing will become more immersive than ever.

This was only the first part in a series of three, so expect to get some more in depth info on Ghost Recon from Richard Machowicz in the near future!