Ubisoft really made an impression during this year’s E3, especially when they presented their futuristic looking Kinect support in the gunsmith functionality that’s part of the next Ghost Recon game. For those who enjoyed that as much as I did, here’s  an official trailer on the Kinect functionality.

GunSmith Kinect

GunSmith is feature exclusive to Ghost Recon Future Soldier for Xbox 360. Thanks to GunSmith, you can customize each gun in the game down to its inner parts. That ultimate customization tool is enhanced for gamers through the magic of Kinect.

Engadget writes that weapons that are made in Gunsmith, can be tested in Gunsmith’s gesture-controlled firing range, an engaging shooting mode exclusive to the Gunsmith weapon editor and not usable in regular gameplay at this point. This could mean that as far as the gesture controlled firing you see in the trailer above may never be part of the Ghost Recon game outside of the firing range that’s part of Gunsmith. However, voice controls are expected to be effective throughout the game, and Ubisoft still has 8 months to decide whether they will add the gesture based shooting to the game or not. It seems to work really well!

Bonus Gameplay Video

Do you feel Ghost Recon is a better game with Kinect support like this? The game is expected to be released March, 2012.

Source: Engadget