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Twitter user and Xbox fan lifelower (@lifelower) has come up with the goods once again as they have not only got hold of the latest Chinese (but with English voice-over) trailer for ChAIR and Tencent Games’ motion-controlled action RPG, Infinity Blade Saga, but have also revealed that the Chinese release date for the long-awaited game is March 3rd! You can watch the new trailer above, although unfortunately it’s only available in SD 480p. (Just the trailer, the game will definitely be in HD and will surely be at least 1080p.)

It’s currently unknown whether Infinity Blade Saga will also be released worldwide on or around that date, but the game’s Achievements have just been released in English which is a good sign! Infinity Blade Saga has 34 Achievements that add up to a total of 1000 Gamerscore and you can read the list of Achievements below:


Godking Killer (5G)

Chapter 1 completed.

Home-brewed (5G)

Use a crafted potion.

Diamonds Are Forever (10G)

Fuse a new gem.

Finishing The Job (10G)

Do a mega hit.

Folding Steel (10G)

Upgrade an item.

It’s All In The Reflexes (10G)

Do 5 parries.

Recombination (10G)

Do 10 combo attacks.

Stay On Target (10G)

Do a bonus combo attack.

Steady Supplier (10G)

Buy 3 items from the merchant.

This Is My Family Label (10G)

Cook a potion.

Vigorous Body (10G)

Do 5 dodges.

Brace Yourself (15G)

Do 25 blocks.

Don’t Give An Inch (15G)

Do a perfect block.

Hand Is Quicker (15G)

Cast magic 5 times.

Like Water Off A Duck (15G)

Do a great parry.

Now I Am The Master (15G)

Master an item.

Travelling Without Moving (15G)

Do 5 super moves.

High Roller (20G)

Use a prize wheel.

Impregnable Fortress (20G)

Do 25 parries.

Red Wedding (20G)

Do 5 stab attacks.

Saw That One Coming (20G)

Do 50 dodges.

Slash Gordon (20G)

Do 50 slash attacks.

High Level Item (30G)

Obtain a level 4 item.

Hunt And Gather (30G)

Collect 30 potion ingredients.

Unstoppable (40G)

Finish a fight with a Heavy Weapon without Siris taking damage.

Untouchable (40G)

Finish a fight with a Light Weapon without Siris taking damage.

Unyielding (40G)

Finish a fight with a Dual Weapon without Siris taking damage.

Empire Building (50G)

Acquire 1,000,000 gold.

Never End (50G)

Game completed.

Perfect Form (50G)

Do 50 perfect parries.

Bash Of The Titans (80G)

Defeat 100 Titans.

Aegis (100G)

Siris reaches level 25.

Forgemaster (100G)

Upgrade an item to level 6.

Master Of Sports (100G)

Burned 10,000 energy.


Are you excited for Infinity Blade Saga? Or are you already an Infinity Blade fan who is looking forward to playing the Xbox One version on the big screen with full body tracking using Kinect 2? Let us know in the comments below or in our Kinect 2 Games Forum.




Source: lifelower's Twitter, lifelower's YouTube Channel, Xbox Achievements