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When Kinect, then project Natal, was first announced people were either like: “The future is here“, or “this is never going to work“. Well it seems that more and more people are being converted to “the future is here” camp. When it is not due to the fact that they had their Kinect experience, then it is because of some of the recent Kinect hacks that have been released: software on a PC that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Xbox Kinect Sensor.

In the videos after the break, not one but two Kinect sensors are being used to create the full 3D world. This is because when you take one Kinect sensor it will only have one perspective, in other words: the sensor cannot see your back when it is looking at your front.

Enough talk, checkout the impressive videos after the break, and be sure to get your second or first Kinect here and start experimenting with 3D telepresence yourself! Of course ordering Kinect for the fun of it is still a great plan as well.

Kinect 3D telepresence

Kinect holodeck Star Wars

Should you still be in doubt, then watch the prototype videos of software that allows people to be part of a 3D world. It is close to insane if you come to think of it, with as little as two Kinects something as futuristic as this is already possible! Granted, it is not polished enough to be a product yet, but if this is possible right now then only God knows what is possible in a few years from now.

The future may not yet be here, but it’s getting darn close in my view. What’s your view?

Thanks: UC Davis’s Oliver Kreylos for his work
Via: Engadget

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