kinect bundle Kinect, best selling accessory for 2010

According to NPD, Kinect is the best selling accessory for 2010. Even though Kinect has just been released at the beginning of November, Microsoft sold over $2.5 million Kinect units making it the best selling accessory of the year.

Although the exact number of Kinect units sold is not known at this moment, Anita Frazier from NPD says:

The Xbox 360 Kinect was the best-selling accessory item in November. With one month of sales, it’s the top-selling accessory item in terms of dollar sales on a year-to-date basis.

The 360 platform accounted for over 40% of total industry sales driven by the successful launch of Microsoft’s Kinect. Xbox 360 accessories accounted for 60% of that categories’ dollar sales this month.

- Anita Frazier, NPD

Furthermore, according to NPD, the money taken in from sales of videogame accessories such as Kinect surged 69 percent to 413.3 million dollars.

November sales represent the best November on record in terms of new physical retail sales. It bests November 2008 by roughly $30 million, and that time frame was at the height of the music/dance genre sales.

- Anita Frazier, NPD

Do you think that December will be an even better month than November in terms of number of Kinect units sold?

Sources: The Economic Times & Gamers Daily News

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