Kinect has reduced its tracking points

The worry that core gamers will not get the proper experience because Kinect tracks less points than before, has been addressed by Kudo by clarifying that the number of points has been reduced because during development the team realized they could have used less tracking points and get the same results. Moreover, having less tracking points reduces the power required. Kinect is not going to have its own processor, as initially planned, because the Xbox can support Kinect without influencing the well-established graphical fidelity.

Kinect can track more than two players

All of those waiting to get a Kinect are wondering how many players can Kinect support? The question is addressed by Kudo:

We try to optimize around ‘what is the best experience for people?’ So, in Track and Field you end up being in split-screen and so, at some point, the more people you have doing that, the more you’re cutting up the screen into really small slices. It makes it a very bad experience, so that is limited to two.

3D  finds you anywhere in the room

As far as the size of the room is concerned, Kudo explains

Since the sensor can see the whole room in 3D, we’re actually able to customize the game experience based around where you’re standing in your living room… you can play a meter and a half away and have a good experience.

In addition, some of the available try-outs show a distance of about 2 meters between the players and Kinect.

Once again, one-to-one instant tracking is possible

When asked whether one-to-one instant tracking is possible, Kudo answers

Yes. We’ve done tests back in the office where we have somebody with a controller hitting a button and somebody with Kinect clapping their hands when they see a light appear on a screen and those things are just as fast. It’s all just a human response time.

More on this particular subject you can find here.

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