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Adrenalin Misfits Kinect Review

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Adrenalin Misfits Kinect Review
11-30-2010, 03:06 AM (This post was last modified: 05-04-2011 08:31 PM by Clemens.)
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Adrenalin Misfits Kinect Review
Adrenalin Misfits

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ4Y4spsuY6VKOiDwivRVH...wM5pqx0nyZ]
  • Official site http://www.konami.com/officialsites/adrenalinmisfits/
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Racing
  • Alternative game name: Crossboard 7
  • Modes: Full Mission Single-Player, Multiplayer, Versus
  • Players: 2
  • Online Features: Achievements, Content Download, Leaderboards, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: In-Game Avatar, Players 1-2
  • Kinect Activity Level: Standing - Active
  • Uses avatars?: Yes
  • Age group: All

Adrenalin Misfits - The good
  • Graphics are great, as other Konami titles
  • Controls are pretty accurate
  • Tons of things to unlock and the game is very challenging
  • People that love boarding will like this game

Adrenalin Misfits - The not so good
  • The game is very challenging, and most people who don't get the controls will find it very frustrating
  • There's no story/campaign mode - if you have specific characters you need some kind of story to go along with them
  • There's no online racing
  • There's a lot of boards to unlock, but once you unlock the best rated board, there's no point to play with the others anymore so this game could become a dust collector

Adrenalin Misfits - Story
No story or campaign mode, only single player or multiplayer with 2 player simultaneous. It needs one though as the characters seem interesting but they give you no background on them or how this world was created or why they are all racing.

Adrenalin Misfits - Kinect experience
Kinect works very well with this. This is the second Konami title I have played with no control issues. Konami has the controls down pat, so Konami games don't leave a bad taste in your mouth so to speak from the controls, but the games so far have been very plain.

The game has you go through some training to get a feel for the controls. Tracking is completely different from any other game I have played as it's tracking your feet, your torso when you lean to turn your character and your hands. Even though you turn sideways, kinect tracks it well for the most part. To use an item you have to lift your front foot, and stomp. This works half of the time for the most part.

Adrenalin Misfits - Graphics
The graphics are actually good for when they show the characters up close and what not such as fur/skin details, but being it's a racing game, you don't pay much attention to track detail once you start racing.

Adrenalin Misfits - Gameplay
It's a fun game however, if you don't naturally play boarding games such as myself, you play enough of it after awhile. I played for a couple of hours and that was pretty much all I needed. If you do however play boarding games all the time, then this is a good game to get. I'll go into some detail about the game.

It does have a patch available as of when I played this on the date of this post, so not sure what was broken, but it's fixed now. The game also allows you to use your avatar which is cool, but you have whatever clothes you wear, so some of the scenery your outfits don't really fit in with it, it would of been cool if they let you unlock new avatar clothing, it may, but I didn't play it far enough.

For the races, these are the different types:

Trial - This is basically training and you go through quite a few races in order to learn all of the controls. The bonus is if you do all of the training perfect, you do unlock more boards/levels and achievements. I think I got about 300 or so gamer points just by doing the training.

Downhill Slalom - This is just a slalom, but it does have a battle aspect to it which gets annoying, as there are items in the game kind of like mario kart where you get speed boosts, a fireball, a plasma ball and some other crap. Also if the computer bumps you, you come to like a dead stop, this is where casual players will get frustrated with the game. It is challenging however, so if you like boarding and challenges, then you'll like this game.

Fly Distance - This is a wierd one, but I found it fun. You have to hit some huge jumps and you hold out your arms like you are flying. This one is all about how far you can fly. You can also adjust your board plane by leaning forward or backward to catch even more air. It doesn't matter if you come in last as long as you have the most yards. I played this one a lot to unlock of boards to win the other kind of races. Like I was saying though, once you unlock faster and better boards, there's no point to use the other ones the lower levels unlock.

Trick Score - This one was pretty cool too, but you can pretty much just cheat in it. Objective is to score as many points as possible by doing tricks. Now if you jump and twist your body, you'll do flips. If you jump and then raise your front foot and hold it there, your guy will do a board grab, and you can get a ton of points just by balancing. You can also grind which is simple and get quite a few points. How I ended up cheating is if you just keep jumping and spinning in circles, you will get a crapload of points. I got 10,000 points by doing this. Again time nor placement matters in this race.

Balloon Buster - This one is like a pop the balloon race, balloons are in like rows and you have to pop them by going through them. It's hard though if you use a good board. But being that time nor placement matters again, grab the crappiest board you have (usually one of the starter ones) and you can nail this one easily to unlock better boards. Smile

Free Race - This is just straight up downhill racing, except you can still use items and the computer can bump you and make it difficult. I had to use my higher level boards I unlocked in order to beat the first level.

Stadium Games - This is kind of like free-play/mini-games. There's 3 events in this, Big Air which is just a huge ramp that you get a ton of air on to do tricks. The half pipe which is just a half pipe to tricks on and the terrain park which is like a skate park with all kinds of things to do, but they only give you a minute to mess around in it.

Onto the characters, when you initially start, there is a boy named Rox and a girl named Lux, or you can choose your own avatar. As you progress, you get to unlock the misfit characters which I believe there are 7 of them. Different characters don't perform any differently from one another so it's kind of pointless to me. Only the boards give you different performance.

Speaking of the boards, there are a ton, but as I was saying, once you unlock the best, the rest are all obsolete. I didn't get this far as once I hit about level 4/5 on the tracks, it got difficult even with a good board. I did unlock one "special" board but that was because I flew for like 300 yards or something. The different categories and amounts are:

Basic - 10 boards
Novice - 10 boards
Advanced - 10 boards
Special - 10 boards
Rare - 10 boards
Misfits - 11 boards

I'm guessing the Misfits boards are the best, but I have no clue how to unlock them. It seemed just by beating the tracks (win 1st place in each) you unlock the basic/novice and advanced boards. I only unlocked one special board and I'm sure the rare boards are harder to get. I'm guessing the misfits boards are probably impossible, unless by beating the game it unlocks everyone but someone would need to confirm that.

From the tracks I played, there seemed to be quite a few, maybe 10 or so....but it does do the normal different varients of the tracks as you progress further.

Game Name - Multiplayer options
I did play the multiplayer portion as well. It does horizontal split screen with 2 player simultaneous. It works very well with both people, although maybe it's just me, it seemed that the game itself was running faster frames per second than single player mode, could just be me though.

Overall it's not a bad game. It's a cool idea as your "crossboard" as they call them, works on all terrains, so you do essentially get to snowboard, wakeboard, iceboard, lavaboard, rockboard, etc... It would of just been better with some kind of story or more background or something. Like I said though, if you are a die hard boarding fan, then this is a title you will want. If you just want to experience it, give it a rental, after a few hours you will set it down, and possibly play it again, but from my thoughts, once you beat this game, it's just a dust collector. I did play multiplayer with my kids but they got bored of it quick, so this isn't like a party game either.

More Adrenalin Misfits on 123Kinect:
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