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Carnival Games Review

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Carnival Games Review
08-09-2011, 08:39 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2011 08:42 PM by TheZeeMan.)
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Carnival Games Review
Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcOCFQGVPJiwVjiy8sQkR...C4xugr5Ggt]
  • Official site http://www.2kgames.com/2kplay
  • Developer: 2K Play / Cat Daddy
  • Genre: Family/Party
  • Alternative game name: Carnival Games: In Action
  • Modes: Mini-Games, Multiplayer, Versus, Versus Alternating, Versus Simultaneous
  • Players: 2
  • Online Features: Achievements, Friends, Xbox LIVE Family Settings
  • Kinect Features: In-Game Avatar, Players 1-2
  • Kinect Activity Level: Standing - Active
  • Uses avatars?: Yes
  • Age group: Kids

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - The good
  • For the most part, Kinect detects very well
  • Graphics and sound are very kid attractive
  • Enough activities to keep kids busy for awhile

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - The not so good
  • I don't agree with the choice of "carnival games" - some are very off the wall
  • Some of the games are just played very strangely, such as using crosshairs to aim, not sure if aiming is a problem with Kinect
  • I found darts to be difficult as it seemed to be oversensitive
  • Monkey dancing...really not sure about that one

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - Story
No story mode, not really any kind of modes except playing...would of been a better idea to make it like a carnival adventure or something.

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - Kinect experience
Kinect worked well for the most part, a few of the games where it states to stand in front of the sensor had some trouble detecting me and I had to move forwards or backwards to get it to register. Once registered, the games played fine.

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - Graphics
The graphics are nothing special, however they are completed vamped for kids. Everything is..."bubbly".

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - Gameplay
I won't go into super detail as legreffer mentioned a bunch of things already, but I'll give my opinion on them.

Gold Rush Mountain:
I found this to be quite stupid honestly. Sure it's probably good as a kinect mini-game, but I was looking for real carnival games...I've never rode a rollercoaster at a carnival and held up my hands to collect gold coins Smile This one is really for the kiddos, my little one was in awe at it.

There is a DLC pack of more coaster games, but I just found this to be...that game I never want to play again...so it didn't interest me at all.

Hot Air Balloon Race:
This one was designed to be simple, go slow and big. Again, if you look at this from a kid's perspective, its great as 2 kids against each other would go crazy like they were really trying to race, but at least I have seen something similar to this at a carnival.

Wheel of Chance:
This one costs tickets, and it's all luck. You will either win it all or win a little or lose it. Again, I have never seen one of these price of right wheels at a carnival. The little one wasn't very interested in this.

Funnel Cake Falls:
Again, never seen this at a carnival...it's another kinect only game. Hold a plate and balance the cakes, which look like pizza's or something, its little skill and more luck than anything.

Rocket To Mars:
I don't recall anything like this one either...I'll label it as another kinect game. Jump to launch and then lean left/right to steer your rocketship to mars. Another great one for kids though.

Crash Test Dummy:
This is a pose matching game, reminded of the kids show, hole in the wall though, not exact, but go figure, another kinect game...after this many "non-carnival" games I started to get disappointed. Anyhow, this one is just match the pose and hit as many gold bricks as possible to get points. The kiddo liked this one, I did not.

Pop Darts:
So the first real carny game...and they had to modify it. I found aiming very difficult in this one, compared to Game Party In Motion's darts, I think GP did a better job. They added a spinning bullseye to hit...once you get the aim down, its then the timing that matters. I got a couple of them, but its really difficult. The kiddo had trouble altogether and didn't like it, I didn't really care for it myself. Where's the board with 100 balloons letting me try to get 3 in a row to get the BIG prize?

Alley Ball:
Another real game, again, the controls for me were a little off. Game Party did a better job at this as well. I did like however it detected the strength I was throwing it. The kiddo was so so about this one.

Ring Fling:
Another real game, this is where my hopes picked back up...however its modified again! The ring poles are in sections, each section disappears after a round. Not sure why they couldn't keep it simple...these games are hard enough at the carnival, why make them even harder? The kiddo was so so again on this one.

Shark Tank:
Another real game, except once again modified. This is where I wondered if there is a problem with kinect and aiming. You just have to time the crosshairs movement right and you can win easily. I would of rather just thrown the ball and try to hit the target, however understandable if they don't have aiming down yet...

Amazing Wodin:
The kid loved this...it's like the fortune teller you put a quarter in except more advanced. We used the speech recognition and it worked flawlessly. This wasn't too bad, interesting for the kids, boring for adults.

Pig Race:
Another kid one, I found this one really dumb. The kid loved it though. I was trying to slap my leg like a hillbilly but it wasn't working very well...this one I had some detection issues with.

Monkey See, Monkey Do:
The kiddo loved this one better than all of them I think...but that is what it's geared for, if you are looking for some dance central moves, they aren't here. This is do you rown dance or "groove" with the monkey, then strike a pose.

There is also a DLC dance pack with real songs...but I just don't have the want to spend points on it.

Down The Stretch:
This is the horse race game at the carnivals with the balls. This one I enjoyed amazingly. Kids competing would probably find it fun, mine didn't though against me. Smile

Strength Test:
This is the mallet hit and ring a bell game at the carnival, except once again...it's modified. It has a meter that you have to line up in a little green section, I noticed lag with this one. You have to kind of swing ahead of time for it to match. Then while your swing you have to hit hard. I swung pretty dang hard and all I got was "Sissy" rank. The power meter/green level thing is really not needed. It would of been better without it. Kiddo didn't like this one.

Knockout Punch:
Another made up one, probably for kinect. I didn't care for it, it worked though so this may be a taste of how boxing will work if 2K decides to release a boxing game Big Grin The kid liked this one probably 2nd best.

Court King:
Simple basketball shootout. I was amazed, they really didn't change anything, it worked well, I pick this one over the game party basketball one.

Granny Shot:
Another kinect one...this one was really wierd, first you throw a golfball from in between your legs and underhand so to speak, simple, next a baseball, easy enough...then a bowling ball...it was a little more challenging and last the planet which no matter how hard I did it, I couldn't get enough "oomph!". I didn't really care for it, the kid liked it though.

Golden Arm:
Another modified version of the hit the milk bottles down...with more stupid targets to line up and time right...I am really hoping they just had a problem with getting the aim to work and didn't intentionally put these targets in. Me and my kid were both so so about this one...

Hitting Streak:
This is just a batting cage...though it worked pretty well. There's some pitches it throws at you that I have never seen in real life, adds to the kid aspect I suppose. It was ok, liked it better than others.

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do - Multiplayer options
Multiplayer worked well for the most part, sometimes it was tracking my cat or other objects like it was almost too good...but other than that it worked well together.

My conclusion is it's a kid game. If you are older like me and looking for the thrill of a virtual carnival with real carnie games, this isn't the game you want. If you want your kids to be amused for a few hours, go with it, however for the price, it's not worth it in my opinion. Wait until it drops to about $30, then its a fair deal.

Now that's my conclusion, my theory is 2K Games created this 2K Play dev group to test out what they are going to be able to do. The baseball, the basketball, the throwing, the boxing, I think pretty soon here we are going to have some real sports games coming and I'm hoping 2K does it first.

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08-15-2011, 06:13 AM
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RE: Carnival Games Review
Just to inform everyone, not sure if its ever been mentioned, Cotton Eyed Joe is one of the songs that you can dance to with the monkey. It pops up randomly from what I can tell, and it has a totally different dance routine than the other ones, it's really challenging and actually has the dance moves from the video...it's a shorter version though, but glad its in there!

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