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Kinect responsible for tactical knock-out

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Kinect responsible for tactical knock-out
01-22-2011, 04:48 PM
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Kinect responsible for tactical knock-out
This is not really news anymore since it happen a while ago, but since we didn't report on it I really wanted to share it with you. Apprently in Sweden a house was stormed by cops because of an innocent round of Kinect Sports boxing. Read on for more info!

Cops storm house because of Kinect boxing match
There must've been some insanely intense Kinect boxing going on in this Swedish house, because a neighbour called the cops because he saw "five people beating the crap out of a woman".

Robert Johansson then must have gotten the scare of his life when the cops stormed his house only to interrupt his Kinect boxing match. Apparently no one was arrested (which would've been weird anyway if that happened) and no one got hurt either.

The only questions that remains now is: where is the video made by Kinect where you can see a couple of guys playing Kinect Sports being taken down by a tac team? Tongue

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