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The spartan experience...

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The spartan experience...
04-26-2011, 08:07 PM (This post was last modified: 04-26-2011 08:35 PM by Jersmall.)
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The spartan experience...
Alright so take kinect boxing first person but both hands have a weapon and combine that with deadliest warrior and infinity blade.

you could start as a spartan child being put to the test like the classic story goes. This would be your tutorial explaining the game play.

There would not really be any traveling that you can acutally control but you would be taken trough the story of a spartan warrior. going trough enemy infested battlefields and surviving ambushes.

The way i imagine this is you are first person looking at your enemy. you can see the army of men running at your. so just to make a scratch you start with your javelins seeing how many you can peice on its shaft. (throwing it like kinect sports)

you would starta normal untrained fighter... as you play you get turn into a lethal metal swinging wall capable of hacking trough swarmes of enemies rushing at you with a library of potential weapons you buy and master. shielding and countering strikes from enemies for long periods of time. blood splashing in your sceen. still you look to your side and you brother spartans are feeling it just as much (this could be co-op play helping eachother battle armies of men and training eachother) YET you dont have a choice! you have to just keep focus blocknig coutnering killing..... your body getting tired... they are not stopping and if you make one misstake or if you are not ready.. you might get hurt leading to your death.... Big Grin

this game would have lots of interactive cut sceens where you can choose your path. choose wisely what a leader would do and pick your allies very carefully...

okay so here ishow i imagine the fighting would acutally work. imagine deadliest warrior with kinect boxing. spam will get you killed and accuracy/good counters/blocking is the key to win.

health: you get 3 chances. get hit 3 times you get 1 knock down and it resets back face to face. you cannot control when it starts again its jsut enough time for you to get in blocking possition then it sais go again. (in single palyer most enemies would be killed instantly with certain strikes allowing you to hack trough waves of enemies!!)

if you block a strike it stuns the enemy for a second making them take a step back. this would allow you to then perform a counter attack.

blocking shield: this allows you to block either your top or bottom part while attacking but not allowing you to dodge. how ever some shield maybe used for some attacks. you would hold your shield arm in a 90 ddegree angle with yuor fist infront of your face or body. making the avatar have a shield blocking pose.

blocking no shield: basically you have to block by holding your arm straight out face level or body level. this will make the avatar hold the weapon in a block pose. if you have no shield you can then dodge too. if they strike your shield it allows you a second to retaliate. this

there would be a small square on a corner showing you your current possition in the kinect tracker. it would be like a virtual square on the floor with 1 middle spot and one on eachside and behind you. if you are standing in the middle it allows you to make a dodge. either side of you. if the blade mises you then it freezes the enemy in the middle of his strike slowing down time allowing to perform a strike.

counter strikes: once you dodge an attack or shield an attack you get a chance to hit them. (single player this would be a chance to perform fancy killing blows while in multi playet i would knock the person down and reseting both face to face allowing time to get bakc in block stance.

to swing your weapon you would have to do a wind befor you swing. if you just hold your arm out and do circular motions it would jsut move the sword in a circle not hitting them. as long as you bring your weapon shoulder back the possible striking would be broken down either:
horizontal swing.
verticle swing.
diagnal swings.

readying your strike:
to acutally be able to strike you need to bring your arm back befor swinging or ot does no daamge. they could add a small light that flashes freen when your arm is back far enough to swing. as long as your arm si back you can perform a swing in any direction.

boss fights would last longer and be much trickier. they would be skilled at bocking adn attacking making it quite the challenge for you. it would basically be the same as fighting another player online.

single player, go trough the story and live train and fight as a spartan. you could og trough training doing push ups and spartan works ou

training mode: could offer work outs like making you follow set exersices psuh ups squats ETC like a fitness part. inluding sword fighting against CPU for practice all the dodging blocking and attacking.

waves mode: see how many waves of enemies you can hack down befor you die.

multi player duels: game play being a bit different then single palyer since computer enemies mostly in wars would die much faster unless its a boss.

basically both your armies are fighting eachother face to face! you both are the leaders but you dont fight eachother specifically. you both stnad your ground right at the front. the first leader to die by the other enemie soldiers loses.

other IDEAS:
sooo many features could be added... having to kill a moving target witha javelin, hacking and dodging while on horse back (even if they didnt use horses)... sneaking into enemy territory by crouching to hide behind object. then once the guard passes you use the dodging feature to initiate the character to hide behind the next object. chase sceens where you need to run jump over object running away or chasing a person you want a live.

there could be many towns with offering quests leading you into danger as always. shops where you can sell found items to better your armor and weapons. possibly allowing you to survive longer when hit and killing enemies faster. you could master a range of weapons, spears, knives, javelins, swords, and shields. all of them could be used online in a balanced way.

instead of fighting another player why not play co-op with 2-4 other players and see how many enemies you guys can hack down.. find out how many men it takes to kill you...

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