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You will be impressed by these Xbox360 graphics!

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You will be impressed by these Xbox360 graphics!
04-27-2011, 12:25 AM
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You will be impressed by these Xbox360 graphics!
This is not directly Kinect related, but might still be relevant for you as both a game and a Kinect lover. The below video shows a scene that could easily pass as one of those pre-rendered cut scenes, but is in fact completely rendered in real-time, using an engine that runs on the Xbox360! I dare you to watch it and afterwards tell me you were not impressed! Check it out below.
Tri-Ace technical demo

Impressed? I thought so! The engine that makes this all possible is made by tri-Ace, the guys behind the Star Ocean games that you may or may not know. We already saw similar awesome graphics like this in the Project Milo technology demo, but this time it seems to look even more impressive and it also includes sound!

This shows once again that the Xbox360 is capable of some really incredible graphics, even though it's pretty dated. Of course this is just a tech demo and an actual game would require far more processing power for stuff besides graphics, but still, I am totally impressed by this.

So what does it mean for Kinect? Well it means that once developers find out that Kinect games do not necessarily have to be associated with cartoony graphics we might be in for a totally immersive experience. Combining a full body controlled game with beautiful graphics and totally realistic textures and lightning will literally suck you into the game.

I for once can't wait for something like this, and I bet you can't either!

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